It’s been a while in the works, but now that I have my shop up and running, I’ll probably be posting furniture and home accessories periodically. These pieces will follow in the MüS conventions of  clean simple aesthetics and high quality hand-made construction. The pieces I post will most likely be prototypes, but easily repeatable, so feel free to contact me about availability,  purchasing, and lead times.

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Summer is upon us, so MüSgoods has some new bags geared towards the months of leisure ahead.

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MüSgoods has been testing out some new product the last several months, including new hardware – key-rings, bottle openers (get your OKB bottles open in style) as well as some new bag types. Check back in the next several weeks or so to check them out – as usual they’ll be available through our Etsy Shop.

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We’re pleased to announce MüSgoods first retail location – Rare Device! Rena at Rare Device has done an amazing job curating a great selection of art & design and we think MüSgoods will be a great fit. They’ll have a few select totes and wallets, so if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and check them out fist-hand!



Brad from CWaC put together a guest post for the website FREE/MAN recently and included the new MüS Lo-Key in the mix! Check out the post here:


*Image via FREE/MAN